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Window Cleaning


About the service


Traditional and Water fed pole method used

Depending on the customers needs and preferences, Both traditional squeegee method and Water fed pole methods are available.

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Doors and pvc are included

Cleaning window frames, doors and sills.


One off cleans or regular cleaning available

One off cleans are available.
Reoccurring cleans can also be booked in from intervals of 5 weeks. from 5 weekly cleans to 25 weekly.


What is the brushy window thingy?

The water fed pole (WFP) is also known as Reach and wash or Pure water window cleaning.

WFP cleaning works by agitating any dirt or grease on the glass and frames using pure water and then rinsing the dirty water away.

the pure deionised water left on the window then evaporates without any smears or water marks because it has no dissolved solids to leave behind.

This method for regular cleaning is much better as there is no risk of soap build-up in the crevasses of the frames and the brush is great at getting to hard to reach areas of the frames that traditional window cleaning cant get to!


Traditional Window Cleaning

Traditional window cleaning is cleaning using a washer and squeegee.

This method is sometimes preferred by customers but does come as a premium cleaning service and is charged at a higher rate for the use of ladders.

This method of cleaning is great for shop fronts and those with big windows. It is however not as good at cleaning window frames and Georgian windows.


Conservatory and other cleaning

Conservatory cleaning is also available. Cleaning all pvc, Windows on the roof and sides statrting at £80

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Commercial Cleaning

Shop fronts, Indoor cleaning and cleaning of mirrors can also be cleaned.

Some commercial customers may want regular cleaning that doesn't align with out 5 weekly rota, This can be arranged depending on the clients needs.

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What area do you serve?

Currently for regular window cleaning we serve: 

-Bristol Bedminster




-Long ashton

And anywhere between

However areas outside of the map can be cleaned on a one off clean bases but travel cost may be applied to the total.

Past work

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