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Render Cleaning

About the service


Removing biofilm

Using softwash chemicals to kill biofilms that show as red, black, green, yellow marks on rendering and walls.


Preventing further growth

Applying a biocide on the cleaned walls will continue the cleaning process for up to a year and help to prevent future growths up to a year after treating.


Further treatments

It is recommended that as the biocide stops being effective and if any growths do appear in the coming years these should be treated with another treatment of biocide to prevent it spreading.

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Do you have unsightly biofilm on your rendering, walls or other exterior surfaces?

Biofilm presents its self on exterior surfaces sometimes visible as black, red, green or yellow marks.

You also may have black spots and lichen that can also be treated using the same methods.

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1st Treatment

When treating rendering and other fragile surfaces it is important to treat using chemicals rather than any physical cleaning to avoid damage.

The first treatment used is a hypochlorite mixture that quickly breaks down the biofilms and leaves you with a clean finish.

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2nd Treatment

After the hypochlorite das been left to dwell and then rinsed off, A biocide mix is then applied. 

The biocide works into the surface and continues to clean the area of applications as well as preventing the biofilm from spawning up to a year guaranteed.

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Future growths

If any marks begin to appear in the future it is important to get them treated right away as you will only need touching up with the second treatment to avoid a more costly job!

Past work

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